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Hand-Held 4D Sudoku Game

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Welcome to 4D Sudoku™

4D Sudoku is the puzzle enthusiast’s dream. It’s the ultimate brainteaser – a puzzle within a puzzle!

From the moment you take your 4D Sudoku out of its box, you realise you have something magical in your hands.

The distinctive orange and white cubes seem to be alive, with a force of their own!

What's the Secret?

4D Sudoku has a unique system of 162 built-in magnets, with the property of an invisible force. This creates two poles in the orange and white cubes, which will guide you on your path to discovering the one solution out of a mind-boggling numbers of possibilities.

The Challenge

The challenge is to construct a square block of these numbered cubes, arranged in such a way that every possible horizontal row, vertical column and 3 x 3 section contains each of the numbers from 1-9, with no repetitions.

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Version 2.7.20090416