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4D Sudoku puzzle wins the day at the World Sudoku Championships !

Written by Rus Sellers

On Sunday 26th April, national Sudoku champions from 28 countries gathered in Žilina, Slovakia, for the final day’s competition of the puzzlers' Olympics – the 4th World Sudoku Championships.

The competitors, already winners of their own country’s title, were competing to become the overall World Sudoku Champion. For their final part of the competition, the organisers sprang a surprise. They provided each team with a magnetic, four-dimensional version of the world’s most popular number puzzle called 4D Sudoku.

The competitors examined the object before them – which seemed to be a cross between a Rubik’s Cube, Lego and a Crossword. Then, at every table, quick minds and nimble fingers began the process of manipulation and elimination. Their challenge was to construct a square block of 27 numbered magnetic cubes, arranged in such a way that every possible row, column and side around the block contains each of the numbers 1–9. Meanwhile, INSIDE the block, every 3 x 3 section, sliced vertically or horizontally, must also consist of the digits 1–9.

The team event proved very interesting, but the highlight of the whole weekend was to witness the 8 finalists working their 'puzzle magic' on the 4D Sudoku puzzle, at the close of the contest. As the allotted time was running out, all attention was drawn to Wei-Hwa Huang, the four times World Puzzle Champion. The room erupted with a buzz of excitement when he raised a 'completed' 4D Sudoku™ puzzle into the air, his cube was checked and verified as solved correctly. Wei-Hwa, representing Team USA, was the first to complete the4D Sudoku puzzle at the World Sudoku Championships, he had solved the ingenious puzzle in an amazing 65 minutes!

Later, Wei-Hwa was invited to come up to the stage, to rapturous applause, and show his achievement to the room - by Ben Sellers, son of the puzzle's creator, Paul Sellers. "4D Sudoku has many thoughtful design aspects, like the added 4th dimension, the arrangement of the numbers, and the orange and white cubes that click together with a magnetic force", said Wei-Hwa Huang, "It’s an intriguing, challenging and very satisfying puzzle".


For further information about 4D Sudoku at the World Sudoku Championships, please contact Ben Sellers (  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or tel: +44 (0)7836 238293


4D Sudoku Online Game v2.0 has launched - Exciting new gameplay with a sleek new interface!

Written by Rus Sellers

We have created 4 exciting ways to play our online version of the 4D Sudoku puzzle. You can now choose to play Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert versions. Where Easy has 2 levels already completed, Medium has 1/2 completed, Hard has 1 level completed, and Expert mode you start from scratch!

In version v1.0 of the game there was only one way to start playing the game and that was from scratch. This version was a runaway success from launch, and has had over a 500,000 people playing it from 134 countries!

Thanks to the very positive feedback from all our fans of the online game, we have added this new gameplay. For a quick 'Coffee Break' game 'Easy' or 'Medium' are the purfect options to ease yourself into the pleasures of 4D Sudoku. For those of you who demand a real challenge, and have a little more time on your hands the 'Hard' or 'Expert' modes are the place to start for you ;-)

We have also given the game interface a sleek and sexy makeover - plus you can save your game for later, get cheats, shortcuts with keyboard commands, and the chance to see your name in the high scores.

As an extra bonus, you can win up to 25% off a Hand-held 4D Sudoku puzzle to use in the 4DS Store, just by playing and correctly completing your games!

So what are you waiting for - Come on and play the 'new and improved' 4D Sudoku online now >>

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Congratulations to Nyles Heise - First to successfully complete our 4D Sudoku online game !

Written by Rus Sellers

4D Sudoku Logo"4D Sudoku is the perfect puzzle, I am very excited to be the first to solve it." said Nyles Heise of San Jose, California. Nyles completed the puzzle in 65 hours 9 minutes, to become the first person to solve the online game and win a hand-held 4D Sudoku puzzle.

He said, "At first glance the puzzle looks almost unsolvable. However, after close inspection I found there is much structure that increases the chance of success greatly."

4D Sudoku Hand-Held PuzzleFor the uninitiated - 4D Sudoku comes in the form of a tactile hand-held puzzle made up of 27 magnetic cubes, and an interactive online game.

It's the puzzle enthusiast’s dream, the ultimate brainteaser – a puzzle within a puzzle!

From the moment you take your 4D Sudoku out of its box, you realise you have something magical in your hands. The distinctive orange and white cubes seem to be alive, with a force of their own!

The challenge is to construct a square block of numbered cubes, arranged in such a way that every possible row, column and side around the block contains each of the numbers 1 - 9. Meanwhile inside the block, every 3x3 section, sliced vertically or horizontally, also consists of the digits 1-9. So pit your wits against the invisible force of the 27 cubes in this ingenious puzzle.

Why not give your brain a workout, and try and win a hand-held 4D Sudoku puzzle. The first 20 people to successfully complete the online game, will will a hand-held puzzle.

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